What Businesses Gain by Blogging

This is a business blog about why businesses should blog. From past statistics, we know it will give a nice bump to our website traffic. In fact, according to HubSpot, businesses that blog see 55% more website traffic. Why?

Improved SEO.

Search engines index keywords, links and context. More people find you.

Customers and Prospects Click Through

An E-Mail campaign or link from a newsletter notifies customers and prospects that relevant content is available.

Social Media Drives More Clicks

Posting the blog link on social media with a description using relevant keywords will attract new visitors.

We have a saying that is a cornerstone of our marketing philosophy: “We want to be sure your business is the first thing a buyer thinks about when they are ready to purchase.” A blog is one of the best ways to make sure this happens.

Here’s a B2B case in point:

A salesperson for one of our clients has worked hard to develop many international prospects. Due to the nature of his business, the sales cycle is often quite long – sometimes as much as 12 to 18 months. Realistically, he can only make personal contact with only a small percentage of his prospects, so he will just contact people who are his best leads. This leaves the majority of contacts in his database untended. Clearly, he will not be top-of-mind when one of the untended contacts is ready to purchase.

By commissioning blog content writing that is tailored for specific, segmented audiences, our client is able to contact all his prospects on a regular basis. We use email campaigns to drive blog traffic, and since the content is relevant for each audience, open rates often approach 50% — with up to 30% click through.

Here’s a B2C case in point:

One of our clients has launched a new, local business that sells products and services. Having only a small number of contacts, we recommended they use social media and e-marketing to build their database. That’s where the blog comes in. Social posts and e-campaigns work if they deliver information that people want to read and share. By blogging twice a month, they’ve begun making new contacts and generating more business.

Luxembourg is a multi-lingual country and to reach a larger audience, the blog is done in French and English.

For maximum impact, a blog should work alongside other content. Articles placed in key sites or publications, videos and press releases also build awareness and drive website traffic. Often, content writing done for one channel can be repurposed for another – for example, blog content can easily be turned into a feature article.

One important thing to remember: be sure your website development team sets up your site to accept multiple types of content.