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What Businesses Gain by Blogging

This is a business blog about why businesses should blog. From past statistics, we know it will give a nice bump to our website traffic. In fact, according to HubSpot, businesses that blog see 55% more website traffic. Why?

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What Businesses and Consumers Need to Know about Bitcoins

Not tied to any currency or any underlying assets, bitcoins have value simply because a large number of businesses and people around the world are willing to accept them as a valid method of payment. Catching on fast, there are already 10+ billion bitcoins in circulation. 70 “bitcoin imitators” or “altcoins” have sprung up recently, pushing the marketplace value of alternative digital currencies to over 12 Billion USD (9B Euros).

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Social Media Drives SEO – And Content Drives Social Media

A recent study by the German company Searchmetrics shows that social media is now the key driver of a strong organic search ranking. In fact, of the top 10 factors that influence SEO success, 7 come from social media. The other 3 relate to the quality of your backlinks. Read more

Billion Dollar Mobile Message

There are many fascinating aspects to the Facebook purchase of Instagram. The most obvious is that Facebook valued a raw start up that is not making any money at 1 billion dollars. At first take, this sounds like Mark Zuckerberg must have failed all his math classes. Read more

Facebook Brands Europe

If you think Facebook is more about personal relationships than business benefits, the economic impact of the social network may surprise you.

Facebook added a whopping €15.3 billion in value to the European economy in 2011, according to a recent Deloitte study commissioned by Facebook. Read more

Social Media Marketing: Why You Should Care

One of our most conservative clients who has consistently said that Facebook is not an option for his company really surprised me the other day. He related that a recent conference he participated in had attracted a lot of attendees through Facebook. Read more

Find Great Web Content Writers (and keep them happy!)

Why? Because a good web writer is hard to find. And they are essential to any business that wants to drive more revenue without spending a lot in traditional marketing channels.

The top two things that make a great web writer are, in my view, style and process. Starting with style, many people think it’s easy to write for the web since space is limited. Read more

Consider Creating a Linkedin Company Page

A client recently asked us to help them use LinkedIn to build company awareness. They asked us to start, facilitate and maintain a discussion group. We said we’d be happy to do this, but asked them to consider another approach.

We proposed to start by building a strong and active presence for key employees on LinkedIn. Read more

Google+ Compared to Facebook

In my last blog, I gave an overview of Google’s answer to Facebook, Google+. So now that the two internet giants are facing off, what are the differences and advantages of each?

The first thing that jumps out is privacy. Read more

Are You Ready for Google+?

Marketers are already having a hard time finding their way through the social media maze. And now Google has added another pathway that is certainly worth exploring.

Google+ is Google’s social media project that, they say, is not intended to compete with Facebook but is designed to make the entire Google experience more social. Read more

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